For Libra Ascendant, Is there any danger to my life if Mars in the 7th house is aspected by Saturn-Mercury in the 10th house?

Let us list down the information

  1. Saturn-Mercury Conjunction in 10th House (Cancer Zodiac)
  2. Mars in 7th House (Aries Zodiac)
  3. Saturn is aspecting 7th House using its 10th Aspect
  4. The Ascendant/Lagna is Libra
Symbol of Libra Zodiac(Ruled by Venus)

The following observation can be stated:

  • The Individual is Manglik(owing to Mars Placement) and comes across individuals who are driven by nature
  • As Mars is placed in the 7th House in the Zodiac of Aries, it tries to protect its own house
Mars Placement in Aries Protects the House
  • Saturn is exalted in Libra and has a good equation with the lord of the zodiac, Venus
  • Saturn through 10th Aspect adds another layer of protection to the 7th house as it is friendly towards the ascendant
  • Saturn-Mercury Conjunction in the 10th House(Capricorn as per Kalpurush Kundali) provides the strength to the individual to work towards their goal relentlessly
Saturn Placement in Zodiac of Cancer(Ruled by Moon)
  • For Libra Ascendant, Saturn rules the 4th & 5th House and Mercury Rules the 9th & 12th House. As Saturn-Mercury Conjunction is in the 10th house(Cancer Zodiac), the individual uses their talent to pursue higher learning and possibly can move overseas for gaining happiness and meeting their life goals
Saturn the ruler of the Zodiac of Capricorn & Aquarius
  • Placement and Strength of Venus, Moon will be crucial for determining the total outcome

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Hope this helps

God Bless!

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