What planet or placement indicates a career in the software industry?

Regarding Software Industry, it is a new type of field as compared to the traditional ones like manufacturing – Steel, Automobile, FMCG, etc.

Software Industry: An robust field

The basis of software are languages that can be written to make the machine do what an individual wants to achieve.

Software Languages used in Development

A set of instructions meant to execute a task is called Code. Any individual who intends to pursue a coding career(that can manifest as a software developer, tester, architect, or security specialist) needs to have the following individually or in a combo for achieving success:

  1. Strong Rahu – As a shadow planet(head), it signifies imagination and aspirations to achieve new unseen goals
  2. Strong Mercury – As the planet of intellect, it helps in translating learning into logical thoughts
  3. Strong Mars – As the planet of willpower, it helps to iterate and persevere till the task/project is not completed
  4. Strong Ketu – As a shadow planet(body), it signifies intangible thinking and quick learning (especially mathematics, statistics, logic)
Rahu Ketu - Vedic Astrology Blog
Rahu-Ketu: Mystical Planets that can bestow unseen attributes

Having said this, Saturn, Venus, Sun, and Jupiter are also important but they play a more supportive role as compared to the 4 listed above.

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God Bless!

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