What does the conjunction of Sun, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Ketu in the 10th house mean?

Let us look into the information provided:

  • Sun-Saturn-Mars-Mercury-Ketu Conjunction
  • Conjunction happens in the 10th House
Planets Placed in Conjunction: Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mercury & Ketu

A few observations can be made accordingly:

  1. Considering the population of the house, the 10th House(irrespective of the Zodiac) will be the most important one
  2. The Status of Saturn-Mercury-Mars will be important for understanding the outcome. If any or some of the planets are Combust, Debilitated, or Retrograde, the outcome will be affected
  3. The 10th House as per Kalpurush Kundali is Capricorn Zodiac(Ruled by Saturn). In Capricorn, Mars is exalted, Sun performs well, Saturn & Mercury is comfortable
  4. Placement of Ketu in the planetary jam leads to an individual working towards their goal without getting attached
  5. The degree to which Ketu is placed with reference to Mars Saturn is important. If Ketu is placed higher as compared to Mars and/or Saturn, the outcome aids in getting better results linked to professional commitments
Karmic Shadow Planets: Rahu & Ketu

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Hope this helps

God Bless!

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