Does Rahu in the 6th house help the native in competition for a Pisces ascendant?

In astrology, there is a concept of Dusthana Houses

  • House 6th – Obstacles, Diseases, and Debt
  • House 8th – Sudden Changes
  • House 12th – Losses
Dusthana Houses in Astrology: House 6, 8, 12

In these houses, the malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars do very well. Sun, which is mild malefic, does well in these houses.

Saturn & Mars: Malefic Planets

Now coming to the question,

Does Rahu in the 6th house help the native in competition for a Pisces ascendant?

The 6th House for the Pisces Ascendant is a Leo Zodiac (Ruled by Sun). Rahu is placed in this sign. This automatically puts Ketu in the 12th House – Aquarius Zodiac(Ruled by Saturn).

Symbols of Rahu-Ketu

As we are aware of the attributes of the 6th House, the placement of Rahu in this house(that is also a Dusthana), can lead to the following:

  1. The individual is tactful in dealing with his superiors and leveraging any situation to their advantage. This can lead to a boost in their ego
  2. Loans incurred will be squared off despite initial hiccups
  3. The individual will see their wishes fulfilled in unexpected ways and during an unexpected time

Hope this is helpful

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God Bless!

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