Which are some good retirement stocks in India in 2022?

The Indian Stock Markets (NSE/BSE) have a mixture of Good, Bad, Ugly, and Junk Stocks.

NSE & BSE: Major Stock Markets in India

While parking your hard-earned money for future requirements, it is best to invest in quality stocks that

  • Can Provide Dividends
  • Can provide Capital Appreciation
  • Can beat Inflation & Debt Instrument Returns like Postoffice, Fixed Deposits, etc.
Equities: Best Asset Class for Creating Wealth

Considering this, going for the following basket of stocks would be most apt

  • Blue Chip Banking: HDFC, ICICI and AXIS Bank (Anyone)
Axis, HDFC & ICICI Bank: Private Sector Lenders
ABB & Siemens: Capital Goods Players
  • Blue Chip Auto-Sector: Maruti, M&M, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland (Anyone)
Maruti Suzuki, Ashok Leyland, and M&M: Auto Sector Player
Motherson Sumi: Auto Ancillary Player
  • Blue Chip Battery: Amara Raja and Exide Industries (Anyone)
Amara Raja & Exide: Major Battery & Storage Players
  • Dividend-Paying Companies
    • Oil Marketing Companies – HPCL, BPCL, IOCL (Anyone)
    • FMCG – HUL, Dabur, Emami, and ITC (Anyone)
    • Power & Utility – CESC, Coal India, PFC, PTC (Anyone)

Further Reading on the topic: High Dividend Paying Stocks in India

IOCL, HPCL & IOCL: Oil Marketing Companies

Having stated the above facts, we need to keep the following in mind:

  1. Keep a margin of safety while investing
  2. Invest in Quality
  3. Hold for a long time before seeing returns
  4. Do not go on hearsay
  5. Understand the business before investing in it
Warren Buffet: Wisdom from the Best Known Value-Investor

Always remember, the markets are the best way to make money to delve into it when you have the patience and wisdom to understand its working

Warren Buffet: Wisdom from the Best Known Value-Investor

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!

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