What is good yoga for becoming a businessman?

I agree with the assessment shared by the fellow contributor in the answers section.

Business as seen from Vedic Astrology

There is no good yoga as per se astrology for recovering money from debtors but the strength of planets can be said to be attributable for doing business and doing well.

12 Houses of Astrology that determine Life Outcome

The planets meant to aid a person in their business pursuit are

  1. Strong Mars in Ground Signs (like Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus) and Fire Sign (like Aries and Sagittarius)
  2. Strong Mercury in Ground Signs (like Virgo and Capricorn), Fire Sign (like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), Air Sign(like Aquarius, Libra)
  3. Strong Venus in Air Sign(like Aquarius, Libra), and Fire Sign (like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)
  4. Strong Rahu in Air Sign(like Aquarius, Libra) and Water Sign(Cancer, Scorpio)

I have excluded a few things here and would like to state why:

  • Saturn and Sun are strongly self-respecting planets that make it difficult for the person to pursue clients and debtors after initial negative feedback
Sun & Saturn: Strong Leadership Planets
  • Jupiter is a timid planet that can aid in the financial well being but will not aid in being a bold person who goes out with aggression
Jupiter: Planet of Luck & Financial Wellbeing
  • Ketu is best suited for dealing with things in a detached manner and aids in getting returns without expecting anything. Hence, it finds itself in a difficult to either for recovery or business development in a tough scenario. This is mitigated when Mars or Mercury aid the overall chart
Ketu: Mystical Shadow Planet of Detachment

Hope this helps

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God Bless!

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