What is the result for a Taurus Ascendant if Saturn is in the 12th and Venus is in the 2nd house?

Let me summarize the information

  1. The Ascendant or Lagna is Taurus Zodiac (Ruled by Venus)
  2. Venus is placed in the 2nd House (Gemini Zodia Ruled by Mercury)
  3. Saturn is Placed in the 12th House(Aries Zodiac Ruled by Mars)
Taurus Ascendant Astrology Chart

From this, the following can be stated:

  • Saturn is debilitated in Aries. This can lead to challenges linked to overcoming obstacles linked to workplace challenges, discipline in wealth creation, and in pursuing higher education
  • As it is Taurus Lagna, the placement of Mars and Mercury will be very critical here. As Mars rules the 7th House(Scorpio Zodiac) & 12th House(Aries Zodiac), favorable placement can provide an association with MNCs or businesses linked to export or foreign collaboration
  • An aspect of Venus on the 9th House(Sagittarius Zodiac Ruled by Jupiter) will aid in getting a decent level of higher education & skill acquisition during its Mahadasha & Antardasha
  • For the Venus-ruled Zodiacs, Mercury & Saturn are the Most Supportive Planets. Jupiter and Moon are conditionally supportive. Considering this, a strong placement of Mercury can compensate to a lot of extent the debilitation of Saturn in Aries
Mercury: Friend of Saturn & Venus

Hope this is helpful

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