For Sagittarius ascendant, what is the outcome of retrograde Mars in the 7th house and Sun-Mercury Conjunction in the 12th House?

Let me summarize the information

  1. The Ascendant or Lagna is Sagittarius Zodiac (Ruled by Jupiter)
  2. Retrograde Mars – Lord of 5th house(Aries Zodiac) in the 7th house Gemini Zodiac (Ruled by Mercury)
  3. Sun-Mercury conjunction in 12th House (Scorpio Zodiac Ruled by Mars)
Sagittarius Zodiac Astrology Chart

From this, the following can be stated:

  • Placement of Mars in the 7th House (while being the Lord of the 5th & 12th House) makes the person Manglik. This effect will mellow down post 28 but it will have an impact on partnerships/relationships
  • Sun-Mercury Conjunction in the 12th House will make the individual susceptible to ups-downs in life and will lead to the individual moving jobs/homes/cities/countries
  • A retrograde planet will give the results of the previous house. Owing to this, the 6th House(Taurus Zodiac) and placement + strength of Venus will be crucial to see how things play out in the individual’s life
Venus: Planet of Love & Relationships

Hope this is helpful

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God Bless!

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