Should you invest in NFOs of Mutual Funds?

New Fund Offers(NFOs) are launched by Mutual Funds in order to garner subscribers. It may consist of existing or new Fund Managers from the Fund House.

Mutual Fund: Value Compounder

In order to tap into the burgeoning investor-based, new NFOs that are being launched by keeping the themes under focus or the Index of a theme under focus.

The following are the NFOs that are currently available(Jan 2022) for a subscription to Indian Investors which are meant to track the index:

Mutual Fund NFOs in Jan 2022

These are the Mutual Fund NFOs that are already listed and it is meant to address – Equity, Debt, Equity-Debt Mix, Index, etc.

Listed Mutual Fund NFOs in Jan 2022

These are the other Mutual Fund NFOs that are also available for investors that try to tap into the commodities market also in order to hedge the uncertainty that has risen owing to the high crude oil prices, Covid 19 (Omicron Strain) among others.

Upcoming Mutual Fund NFOs in Jan 2022

While deciding to subscribe for an NFO, please focus on the following:

  1. The theme of the NFO
  2. Fund Manager and his track record
  3. The portfolio spread of the suggested NFO
  4. Expense Ratio (Charges the Asset Management Company Charges for managing your money)
  5. Peer Comparison (if such schemes with other AMC exist)
Mutual Fund NFO: Opportunity for tapping new Themes

Hope this helps

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