What is the effect of Sun in the 7th house for D1 and D9 charts?

Sun is one of the strongest in astrology as it provides a lot of support to an individual if well placed for achieving success in life, and career.

Sun: Representative of Father, Authority & Soul in Astrology

Despite this, Sun is a mild Malefic. It burns the significance of the house in which it is placed. This holds true even if it is placed in significant benefic houses like 1,4,7,10,11 or malefic houses like 6,8,12. It is pretty agnostic.

Sun: Mild Malefic

Now coming to the question,

  • Effect of the Sun in 7th house in the D1 chart (Birth Chart)
    • The Father plays an important role in an individual’s life
    • The individual can possibly partner with their father for business
    • The individual will marry in accordance with their father’s choice
    • Marriage will be delayed
  • Effect of the Sun in 7th house in the D9 chart (Navamsa)
    • The partner will be dominant. It is better to accept this and move in life as it will assure longevity of the marriage
    • Life after marriage will be streamlined
Sun Placement in the 7th House: Bundled Challenges

Hope this is helpful

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