Currently, which is the best option for investment?

You might have heard this man being quoted by many people

Value Investor: Warren Buffett

Inline with this, there are a few alternatives that can function as quoted:

1. Equity investment in the Financial Markets (Stocks, Bonds, ETF, REITs etc.)

2. Real Estate (Land & Estate)

3. Commodities (Crude Oil, Industrial Metals like Copper, Zinc, Aluminium etc.)

4. Bullion (Gold, Silver etc.)

5. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)

6. Startup/Business (Passive or Active Participation)

Making Money by making it work

From the above stated routes, the classification can be as follows (especially considering the Covid-19 outbreak and Global geopolitics like OPEC+, Ukraine-Russia Crisis etc.)

Risky: Cryptocurrency & Startup/Business

Fluctuating: Bullion & Commodities

Capital Preservation: Real Estate

Growth: Equities

Equity: Best Way to Grow Wealth

There is no doubt that equity as an asset class beats all others while accounting for taxation and inflation especially on a long term horizon.

In accordance to this, an Investor can choose a specific vehicle to park their money in accordance with their capital, goals, risk appetite and horizon.

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!

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