Would a girl ever feel guilty after playing with a guy’s emotions?

In today’s world, people have a belief that they can easily find a substitute for any relationship even if it is in terms of short-term gratification.

Meaning of Relationship in a Quick Paced World

This leads to scenarios where individuals are left with heartburns.

Considering this, guilt is something that can be an outcome per se only if one criterion is met – “Realization”.

Heartburn owing to failed Relationship

Irrespective of the sex of the individual, a guy or girl can very much be in out of multiple relations without having the realization that they have done to the other person. Guilt per se can stem only when there is a realization regarding one’s action/inaction.

Feeling of Guilt

No sane individual will hurt or play with anyone’s emotions till they have the realization about their action.

Considering this, it is best to gauge an individual prior to getting into a relationship. This can aid in mollifying any subsequent heartburn if the relationship does not materialize.

Giving time to Understand the Person

Hope this helps

God Bless!

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