Should I buy shares of IndusInd Bank at the current price?

Prior to answering the question, let us look at the financials of IndusInd Bank. The stock has been a value destroyer for investors in the past 5years.

IndusInd Bank Share Performance in the past 5-Years
Fundamentals of the IndusInd Bank Stock

With a Beta(Signifier of the volatility of the stock) > 1.5, the stock gyrates heavily when there are

  • Bad results
  • Profit booking, or
  • General weakness in the Market owing to Macro or Micro Developments
IndusInd Bank Shareholding Pattern

The shareholding of the bank is spread between

From the above pie distribution, we can see that the fraction of FII’s is much higher leading to more volatility in the stock.

IndusInd Bank Promoter Holding & Pledge

Equity of the company is pledged in order to raise funds. The bank has seen an increase in the pledge %. The above chart shows how the holding and pledge are placed as of the last quarter of the financial year. This also raises concern among investors as pledging has seen issues in companies like ZEEL etc.

Peers to IndusInd Bank
Comparison of IndusInd Bank v/s Peers

With an innovative approach to banking, New(IDFC First, etc.) & Established Private Banks(HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, etc.) have grown and snatched the market share from IndusInd Bank

NPA: Non-Performing Assets

Few other reasons include NPA (Non-Performing Assets) & Provisioning as mandated by the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) and technical glitches as shown below

Negative Development Linked to IndusInd Bank

Despite having stated all the reasons for the downside in the stock, there are a lot of positives linked to the stock

  • According to Brokerages, the bank is set to report a 54% year-on-year rise in net profit to Rs 1,315 crore for the quarter ended December
  • Bank intends to benefit from the Insolvency process despite a haircut in the resolution especially linked to its telecom sector exposure
  • The credit cost & slippages are about to come down for the bank despite the whistleblower instance regarding lending practices

Having stated all this, the bank is priced well considering its peers by taking into account the challenges and threats. If the investor has a long-term horizon(7–10years) then, they can either buy-in or wait for some more correction prior to taking an equity stake in the private sector lender. This is when the real returns can be seen as shown in the chart below that incorporates down cycles.

IndusInd Bank Share Performance Since Listing

Hope this helps

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