How does the Jupiter-Moon conjunction in the 7th house play out for an Aquarius ascendant?

Let us list down the details

Aquarius Ascendant: Astrology Chart

From this, we can see that,

  1. The 7th House of the Aquarius Ascendant is Leo Zodiac/Simha Rashi ruled by Sun. According, Moon presence in the 7th House will denote – Aquarius Ascendant & Leo Moon Sign
  2. Jupiter-Moon conjunction denotes Gaj-Kesari Yog
  3. Jupiter Rules 11th House(Sagittarius Zodiac) & 2nd House(Pisces Zodiac)
  4. Moon Rules 6th House(Cancer Zodiac)
Gaj Kesari Yog: Jupiter-Moon Conjunction

We can make the following observation from this:

  • The individual will be able to build their wealth through service (either by working for someone/company or through a business that caters to the requirement of the masses)
  • If Moon and/or Jupiter are not retrograde, the individual will be able to benefit financially through their partnerships
  • If Moon and Jupiter’s conjunction is tight(separation between them is less than 10degrees), then the individual will find an emotionally stable, self-made & wise life partner

Hope this helps

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God Bless!!

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