Should we invest directly in stocks or through Smallcase?

Smallcase is a theme driven investment approach where the owner of the case will buy stocks that are suited to grow in the present & future business environment.

Smallcase Symbol

The small case is normally managed by an individual/organisation who is registered with SEBI and has experience in stock picking.

This is a good option to explore for novice investors who have safeguarded themselves using Mutual Funds and would now want a taste of direct equity exposure.

Few Examples of Smallcase available

The stocks are churned based on performance and the cost of accessing the small case on an annual basis is nominal.

Now, coming to the question

Invest via Smallcase or Directly?

Irrespective of the mode of investment chosen, an individual investor needs a demat account and savings bank account to fund it.

Small case as stated earlier is for beginners who wish to get exposure while managing their risk.

Brokers linked to Smallcase

Direct stock investment is for individuals who have spent time in the market and understood its

  • Cyclical nature
  • Emotional tantrums
  • Risk-Reward Nature

Hope this helps

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