Is smallcase a must-have in one’s portfolio in addition to mutual funds?

Smallcase is a fintech platform that has tied up with multiple brokers to provide “pseudo” portfolio management at a nominal fee. The word “pseudo” is added here as the subscriber to the small case owns stocks directly which is very different from units held by a subscriber of a mutual fund.

Smallcase uses data aggregation, active management, and performance tracking to generate returns for the subscriber.

Functioning of Smallcase by aggregating all the players

In comparison to Mutual Funds, Smallcase provides different themes to invest in like

  • All Weather Investing
  • Dividend Aristocrats
  • FMCG Tracker
  • Top 100 stocks etc.
Some of the different themes under Smallcase Investing

Smallcase had come up with many funny but well-meaned videos to promote the idea of “Invest in Ideas” which we have seen basically during Youtube videos and during commercial breaks on TV.

So, if you are a retail investor trying to build wealth but do not have the time to do the research, follow latest developments and book out when the profits are made or cut loss when the stock takes a deep dive, then the individual can opt for Smallcase. Smallcase, like mutual funds, churns their portfolio if the smallcase manager has conviction linked to performance or downside. Accordingly, the investor is notified about the same in advance and can act on it or prefer to ignore and stay-put.

Smallcase has made a small video to showcase who is the target audience for the service

The subscription to Smallcase does not guarantee returns but it is about optimizing the performance of the theme through professional management and direct exposure to equities instead of an indirect exposure via units as in the case of Mutual Funds.

A different approach to direct equity investing: Smallcase

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