What are the most profitable and risk-free Indian stocks to buy in 2022?

Equity as an asset class is beset with risk but the rewards are equally seductive.

Having said this, no company on the planet despite being profitable can assure guaranteed

  1. Growth
  2. Dividends
  3. Non-Volatility in the Stock Price

This is very important to note. If you are looking for Capital Protection and fixed returns, go for Government Bonds, Treasury Bills, Fixed Deposits, Kisan Vikas Patra, etc.

So, if you are able to embrace the three variables mentioned above, then you can possibly check out the list of companies to invest in for 2022 and onwards.

HCL: Services and R&D Player
Vedanta: Commodities Multi-National Player
RIL: Oil-Telecom-Online Commerce Player
Bharti Airtel: Innovative Telecom Player
HDFC Bank: Biggest Private Sector Bank
ITC: Conglomerate of varied businesses
Hindalco: Aluminium and Copper manufacturing company

The selection of these companies is based on the ability to

  1. Make Money From Diversified Businesses
  2. Tap into Market Vacuum owing to Ukraine-Russia War
  3. Raise Prices without affecting profitability
  4. Invest in upcoming technologies
  5. Pivot if needed

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!

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