How can a person earning 50,000 per month with 40,000 per month expenses accumulate 1 crore rupees?

Earning money to meet the needs, and wants is just one aspect of the wealth game. In order to build wealth, savings must be done on a regular basis that can provide a cushion against rude unseen shocks like – Unemployment, Family Emergencies, Paycuts, etc.

Wealth Creation: Slow Process towards Independence

In this case, let us do the math for the question

Income: INR 50000 (per month) & Expenses: INR 40000 (per month)

Savings: INR 10000 (per month)

The amount of target corpus from the monthly savings: INR 1,00,00,000

Monthly Savings: For a Better Tomorrow

Yearly Savings = INR 10000 * 12months = INR 120000

Interest(%) = 8% (assume)

Considering Compound Interest and Yearly Savings as stated, an individual will be able to accumulate a corpus exceeding INR 1Crore by the end of the 27th year

This is a long time horizon. The timeline can be adjusted in the following cases

  1. Increased Contribution Every year (5–10% = INR 8000–12000)
  2. Diversifying into vehicles giving interest higher than 8% (Stocks, ETFs, etc.)
  3. Saving more every month (cutting back on expenses)
  4. Finding a new venue to increase the monthly contribution (This can be helpful: Money: An Insane Paradox)
Postponing gratification for getting higher savings

I am attaching a link to a compounding calculator that will help you decide what amount of money to set aside every month to meet any target you might have in mind.

Compounding Calculator

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!

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