Which stocks are better to buy for under 200 rupees?

In a market that has run ahead of itself in an estimate of growth, companies with stock prices less than INR 200 can be a bit of an outlier. Despite the recent correction owing to rising commodity prices, federal reserve rate hikes, etc. some stocks still hold value for their investors.

The stocks are as follows:

  1. Coal India (~INR 186)
  2. Federal Bank (~INR 86)
  3. NMDC (~INR 146)
  4. MOIL (~INR 168)
  5. MRPL (~INR 93)
  6. EIL (~INR 60
  7. RVNL (~INR 32)
  8. Indus Towers (~INR 200)
  9. Vodafone Idea (~INR 10)
  10. Jindal Saw (~INR 93)

Kindly do your own research prior to buying them.

Many of these companies do pay good dividends but currently are having rising valuations owing to a shortage of commodities.

Coal India: PSU Under Government of India

Coal India has risen by ~24% since March 2022 on the back of the Coal Shortage that has been brought about owing to the Ukraine-Russia Crisis.

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!

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