Is 2022 a good year to invest in SBI cards shares?

SBI Card is the first pure credit issuer to list on the NSE/BSE in 2020. This is a significant milestone as the company has gone from strength to strength by

  • Partnering with organization’s to issue co-branded cards to benefit the end user
  • Growing organically to 13million subscribers in a matter of 23 years since launch of services
  • Being among the top 5 providers of credit card to different sections of the society inline with need, capacity and spending power

This has also been reflective in the numbers put forth by the organization with a jump of over three-fold in its net profit at ₹580.8 crore in the quarter ended March 2022 as compared to ₹175 crore in the same quarter of the previous fiscal year — an outstanding performance.

Considering this, brokerages are bullish on the stock to perform even better in the coming time with more organic growth in the largely untapped credit card market.

SBI Card: Listed Credit Card Provider

The stock performance has not been completely reflective of the potential the company holds and what is to come.

Performance of SBI Cards Since Listing

With a growing economy and an aspirational class of middle income group, many service providers have entered the fray like

Credit Card Transactions in India
(Ref RBI)

With SBI Cards being well entrenched, it is in position to tap the over 90% market that is not using or offered a credit card for unterkaing their transactions.

So, to answer the question after all the content provided above, it is best to buy and hold this stock for periods exceeding 36months to see the real gains in your investment.

Hope this helps

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