Why is professional growth suppressed when Venus enters Guru(Jupiter) Mahadasha?

Let us deconstruct the Question in a step-by-step manner

Venus: A Planet linked to Luxury & Indulgence
  1. Venus & Guru are inimical to each other. This is true
    • Venus stands for Rajasic qualities like art, beauty, luxury
    • Guru(Jupiter) stands for Satvik qualities like sacrifice/penance, contemplation/self-reflection, etc.
  2. Placement of Jupiter in Libra (7th House of Kalpurush Kundali) leads to some tough challenges linked to sustaining long-term relationships in personal and professional life
  3. Placement of Venus in Pisces (12th House of Kalpurush Kundali leads to exaltation and excellent results in an individual’s life
  4. Mutual Aspect or Conjunction of Venus-Jupiter can bring a balanced fulfilling life to an individual
  5. If the placement of the planets is mediated by a planet like Saturn(neutral to Jupiter & good equation with Venus) then the entire outcome is pretty balanced and challenges are mellowed down
Jupiter in Libra: A balanced personality

Considering this, it would be premature to assume that outcome linked to Venus will be impaired or subdued during the Guru Mahadasha. The placement of the planets along with degree/nakshatra and conjunction/aspects will decide the final outcome.

Jupiter-Venus: Despite Contradictory Natures support each other

If in case you are facing obstacles, then kindly consult an astrologer.

Venus-Jupiter Equation will be pivotal but not wholly.

Hope this helps

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God Bless!!

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