“Is Life Really Sorted??”……..

Current Scenario:

The title is an eyeball grabber but a very cliché question with no simple answer

There are a plethora of self-help books that try to cash-in by claiming to sort this misnomer.


So, are they helpful?

There are some statistics that claim to be so. This said, do they address all the qualms that the target audience is looking to get redressal for?

Probably not…

So what do they focus on??

The process/execution which has worked for a sample space of few individuals who have moved on from their rut to achieve something and discard everything unnecessary

Very well, great to hear.

This indeed makes some good audience & gathers traction but it begs to ask a fundamental question!!

For someone who is not in the above-stated sample space, how do they understand

  • What to sort &
  • What not to sort


A tough ask, I would say!

A really succinct way to put this in one sentence:

Most of the things in the world focus on the process/execution to be followed but not on the fundamentals


Idealism Meets Reality:

In order to explain the statement mentioned, I will put across an analogy:

If you are rolling something downhill, in this case, a ball, the Potential Energy(PE) at the top is converted into Kinetic Energy(KE) at the bottom

[PE] = [KE]


On the contrary, is there a way to estimate the potential if the height & mass is unknown???

The answer is NO (there are lot of unknowns)


Similarly, a scenario(emotional & philosophical terms) comes up in a person’s life, he/she will take recourse to something that we are all too familiar with – “Leap of Faith”, (despite knowing/ignoring the number of uncertainties)

This can be with regards to any domain of your life – Job, marriage, business/startup, higher education, buying a new home, investing in the markets, sponsoring your kid’s education, kid’s marriage, etc.

The festering urge to do it and to be one of the people who have lived happily with a badge of achievement by “going through with it”  supposedly carries weight!!


The analogy stops here and reality check starts.

As things go downhill, the first question to pop would be

What the Hell happened??

Post this, life is run with an iron fist(maneuvering to avoid further damage) and requisite patchwork is done in order to bring stability.

Some leap takers are marred fatally though – physically or psychologically.

Despite this, some do come out ‘victorious’ to tell their tale of triumph. This leads to another shoal of people to take another “Leap of Faith” – possibly in pursuit of a similar or new dream.

In case of a setback, the person starts questioning his ability/caliber.

The loop of trying & failing can be made to run infinitely. There is no problem with that at all.


Sorting Fundamentals:

The solution to a difficult problem can be only arrived at when a person steps back & thinks in an unbiased way

Where did it all start & Where do I start the actual repair work?

Good Question isn’t it??

Headsup: There are no quick fixes in life…..


When you are through with yourself, you will understand

  • Why had you done something
  • Did you have the necessary fundamentals for the same
  • Was there a mismatch between expectation & reality

Possibly, it will make you question a lot of your principles/fundamentals & convictions. It is a good sign because till you do not delve into it, you will always be a fish in a shoal taking a “Leap of Faith” and subsequently questioning your decisions.

Albert Einstein quote: Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability...








Be 100% truthful to yourself. It is your life. Every day is valuable.


Better live a truth than a lie.


Look forward to hearing from you in the comments section. Also, if you find the article helpful, kindly share it. Good Day!!

If you want to get in touch by email to share your opinion, my email id is u2d2tech@gmail.com


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  1. According to de Bono, lateral thinking deliberately distances itself from the standard perception of creativity as “vertical” logic, the classic method for problem solving.

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