A human being thrives in this world based on interactions and connections.

It may not come as surprise that many people prior to the Covid-19 outbreak have been living or rather going about their life which was devoid of emotions. The relationships where at best superficial.

The pandemic outbreak and subsequent worldwide lockdowns with the Work From Home(WFH) scenario has given a reality check with regards to relationships. Many individuals have been going through emotional upheavals and depression episodes.

To add to this, Dating platforms like Bumble, Hinge etc. have been gaining traction.

No doubt, it is better to have some minimal interactions via the use of the stated platforms. Despite a noble(& commercial) intent of these apps to meet people with a similar value system and thought process, it rather morphs into a form of short term gratification. Proving self worth through the eyes of others gains precedence over meaningful conversations.

Like many aspects of life, it is best to sit back and evaluate – Is playing musical chair on dating platforms really worth it?

Do share your experiences and views….

God Bless!!

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