Living with Baggage

It may sound very trivial to discard content associated with a memory/experience after it has run its course.

Simple isn’t it?

Actually not….

People tend to hold on to things even after decades. This can be related to traumatic childhood, bad breakup, toxic work environment, abusive relationship among others.

There is no doubt that these experiences leave an indelible mark on the psyche. Any hacks or shortcuts suggesting the person(who has been through the experience) to snap out of it is a total hogwash!

I am saying this with total conviction…

Anything that shapes one’s life cannot be wished away. What can be done though is how we intend to remember it?

This is not easy to implement but with conscious efforts, it can be dealt with.

If in case, if you are not able to shape it in a direction then do not hesitate to reach out to get professional help..

Life is beautiful & experiences shape us. This is an unsaid truth…

Let me know your thoughts & views

God Bless!!

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