How do I start investing with Rs 1,000 and then grow it in the BSE/NSE?

An important fact with regards to the markets should be understood – They are an amazing way to grow & make wealth not a medium to make instant money!!

Stock Market

Many might not agree with my assessment but this is a fact.

The companies listed on the market are not mere price tags but are entities that have

  1. Human Capital
  2. Product Innovation
  3. Market Penetration
  4. Export-Import Facet
  5. Capex Cycles
Blue Stocks Listed on the Stock Exchange

Owing to this, investing in any stock(post research) is like being a partner in the companies journey towards growth and getting rewarded through

  • Dividends
  • Stock Bonus/Split, Rights Issue, Buyback
  • Having voting rights to decide the course of the company
Different Corporate Action Undertaken by the Listed Companies

I Hope, I have been able to make my case for investing.

How to invest Rs 1,000(~ US $13) and then grow it in the BSE/NSE?

Query of a risk averse investor

The amount though small if invested regularly with discipline to buy blue-chip stocks through the SIP(Systematic Investment Plan)

SIP – An Amazing way to build wealth on a long term horizon

Nibbling at stocks in the form of 5–10 on a fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly basis can bring returns on a 10–20 year horizon


The stock of ITC has risen more than 1400% in the last twenty years. The chart shows what would have been the value if anyone had invested in 2000 (this excludes dividends and stock bonus(if any))

ITC Stock Performance over 20-yrs on the NSE

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