Can birth alignment decide good fortune in the stock market?

Making money in the market is not subject to the time or place you are born but on the following
  1. Discipline
  2. Patience
  3. Financial Goal (this can be open-ended also)
Investing Approach Suggested by Value Investor – Jack Schwager
Why do I state this?
Blue Chip Companies in the Indian Stock Market

The markets have been there for most of Independent India’s Existence and have been a source of money raising for different currently existing blue-chips like HDFC/HDFC Bank, ITC, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Reliance, L&T among others

Anyone having invested in HDFC Bank in the year 2000, would have made more than 30000% Return on Investment (ROI).

Returns from HDFC Bank Stock in the last 20years

This huge return cannot be matched by Day Trading, F&O, BTST(Buy Today Sell Tomorrow), or any other strategy!!

Query about making money in the markets
So, instead of focusing on the stars, focus on
  1. Saving Money to Invest
  2. Researching on Value Creators
  3. Having patience when the market goes up/down

This can bring wealth beyond means to an individual. Also, you can read this post from me for better insight if you want to start small

Post on Investing Small Amounts of Money in the Stock Market

Wisdom Pearl from Value Investor – Warren Buffet

Hope this helps

God Bless!!!

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