What is the outcome of Sun-Mercury-Ketu conjunction in 8th house Aries Lagna(Ascendant)?

The 8th House for Aries Lagna(Ruled by Mars). The 8th House in this case is Scorpio Rashi(Ruled also by Mars)

In this house, Sun-Mercury-Ketu is placed in Scorpio (8th House)

  • Sun Rules the 5th House(Leo) of Talent/Children
  • Mercury Rules the 3rd(Gemini) & 6th(Virgo) of Communication and Obstacles
  • Ketu is the Co-ruler of Scorpio(along with Mars)
12 Zodiacs: Life Cycle of an individual

The First Important thing to note will be

  1. Placement of Mars
  2. Aspects (Malefic/Benefic) on Mars
  3. Conjunctions that Mars has with other planets
Mars: Ruler of Aries & Scorpio Zodiac

Now coming to the house under question: 8th House

  • It is the house of mystery, death-rebirth
  • Research
  • Bed Pleasures
  • Transformation
  • Sudden Events in life like Accidents
8th House: Mystery, Uncertainty & Transformation

Now, based on the information shared, the following can be stated:

  • Obstacles to the individual can be in the form of health or monetary issues
  • Communication to build long term relationships will be crucial
  • The Individual will find their Father/Boss to be a little different from the norm and this will aid them in their growth
  • Borrowing money should be the last thing that should be on the individual’s mind
  • With Rahu in 2nd House(Taurus), the individual may feel like being vocal about their wants/needs but they should allow things to come to them rather than forcing it
Rahu-Ketu(Nodes of the Moon): They depict present-past life Karma

Hope this helps

God Bless!

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