What do you think about it online Astrology Apps? Is that real or fake?

Firstly, I would like to share a disclaimer:

The views shared here are my individual views and I am not affiliated with or marketing any service or organization

Now coming to the question: Are Online Apps Genuine to get an Astrological Consultation?

I am not sure about other apps but Astrotalk is a different platform altogether as compared to its peers.

Logo of AstroTalk

The app has a mechanism to

  1. Onboard Astrologers
  2. Track their Performance
  3. Provide Timely Feedback
  4. Act when there is divergence
  5. Keep End-user at the heart of Operations
AstroTalk: All Answers under one Roof

These steps are essential as astrology has become a much sought-after area/field and there are ample “enlightened” yogis/sadhus who take people for a ride by suggesting – Puja’s, rings, procedures that defy common sense among others.

AstroTalk: First Free Consult

Like e-commerce, it comes with a trial window where the individual can test and see if the prediction and conversation matches up to their mark or not

This I feel is essential to bring transparency and accountability.

Astrology is a science like all others but it is maligned by the ample abuse through fearmongering.

Hope this helps

God Bless!


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