How is the Mahadasha of Venus?

The Venus(Shukra) Mahadasha is a pivotal time in an individual’s life with the span of the dash extending to 20years

Venus Mahadasha: A New Beginning

The reason this period is important is that it comes after 7years of tough Dasha/time period – Ketu Mahadasha

Venus Mahadasha: A time for clearing Karmic Backlog

During the Ketu Mahadasha, an individual is made to go through some really testing times. Also, a lot of negative outcomes during this period will test the person financially, emotionally, and professionally. The period is meant to clear our Karmic Backlog prior to moving into the next important phase of our life starting with Shukhra/Venus Mahadasha.

Venus Mahadasha: A time of Materialistic Endeavours

During Venus Mahadasha, irrespective of the Ascendant(Lagna)/ Rashi(Moon Sign), a few things can be observed

  • The individual will be blessed with a loving & caring partner
  • Things tend to happen pretty effortlessly as compared to Ketu’s period
  • Setback’s, if any, are mild and few
  • The individual is able to visualize life in a totally different light in terms of expectations, outcomes, and efforts
  • The individual sees the fulfillment of their desires and materialistic aspirations
  • The individual is able to have a good circle of friends, build wealth, and have virtuous children

This period is followed by Sun Mahadasha that allows culmination of the results of the Venus Mahadasha results in the form of acquisition of Authority and Respect.

Sun: Giver of Position & Respect in Life

Hope this gives a holistic idea

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God Bless!

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